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Wildlife Ambassador Spotlight

“The dedication and hours put in by our Wildlife Ambassadors is a demonstration of the caliber of help we are fortunate to receive. Our ambassadors are able to maintain their composure in stressful situations and have very good safety and practical sense. There is no doubt our ability to maintain safety for bears and people reached a level that we could not have dreamed of without these Ambassadors. We continue to receive kudos and praise from multiple agencies and individuals for the presence, actions, and professionalism of our Ambassadors.”

– Wildlife Biologist Jason Wilmot of Blackrock and Jackson Ranger Districts


Wildlife Ambassadors are key to our recreate responsibly campaign to increase self reliance, education, and awareness to anyone who sets foot on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Located in potential conflict areas, they are our advocates on the ground to promote responsible behavior and provide education to public land users. As visitors and bear populations increase, we want to equip individuals with the best information to protect themselves and the wildlife as we all strive to coexist in these special places. They work alongside the USDA Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife, and Wyoming Game and Fish to prove essential for the safety of bears and people.

Wildlife Ambassadors:

Monitor for bears in high use areas;
Identify when response is needed;
Remove roadkill carcasses;
Talk/educate with passionate onlookers;
Work with locals, tourists, and professional photographers to manage situations on the roadside.





Grizzly Bears

As we look ahead, the challenge of managing human-bear conflict and to provide safety for everyone is not an issue that is going to dissolve over time. In fact, the grizzly bear recovery efforts in our ecosystem that began in the 70s has been wildly successful to bring back this species from the brink of extinction. In protecting these bears, and as we continue to see the bear numbers rise, it is increasingly important that recreationalists are bear aware as they are not accustomed to the presence of grizzly bears in their outdoors experiences.


“All expectations indicate that grizzly bears will continue to inhabit these areas in higher densities soon, and the work to minimize human-bear conflict will increase. The bear ambassador program is a fantastic way to ramp up our response to this changing condition and the need for this type of assistance for the forest is acute.”

– Wildlife Biologist Jason Wilmot of Blackrock and Jackson Ranger Districts




We acknowledge with respect that our facilities are situated on the aboriginal land of the Shoshone Bannock. Eastern Shoshone. Northern Arapaho. Crow. Assiniboine. Sioux. Gros Ventre. Nez Perce.

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