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Margo Feingold

Programs Manager

Programs Manager Margo Feingold says, “I am excited to work for FBT because the Bridger-Teton National Forest is one of the largest national forests in the country (it’s the third largest in the Lower 48 and 5th largest in the entire U.S.) and this position gives me the opportunity to contribute to the legacy of the forest and to help aid and educate visitors so they can have the best and safest experience every time they visit. The trails, views, and wildlife viewing inside the forest are unmatched, and the work FBT does is crucial to maintaining the balance between protecting the ecosystems and wildlife habitats inside the forests while allowing visitors to recreate in any way they choose.”

A native of New York and Massachusetts who spent summers on the coast in Maine, Margo moved to Wyoming in January of 2022. She had recently finished work on her master’s degree in Conservation and Policy—her thesis was about the Yellowstone model of creating national parks. “I had written a lot about the West, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, but hadn’t explored it in that much depth myself,” she says. Before joining Friends, Margo worked as a field instructor for Teton Science Schools. She took students ranging in age from 8 to 95 into the field to learn about canoeing, snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing, ecology, and wildlife. “My goal was always to create connection through education,” she says. “I wanted students to feel connected to this area, but also to nature in general, so that this was something they could take home with them.”

On her days off, find Margo hiking, biking, and swimming in any lake she can find. When doing these, Margo says, “I always make sure I am prepared to recreate responsibly by carrying bear spray.” She also makes sure to keep a safe distance from any wildlife she comes across and respects other users on the forest. “I always ensure that I have the proper gear and a backup plan,” she says. “The weather out here is unpredictable, so always expect the unexpected.” Also, “I always want to leave a place better than I found it,” she says.


“The BTNF should always be a safe and fun place for everyone to be able to explore,” Margo says.



We acknowledge with respect that our facilities are situated on the aboriginal land of the Shoshone Bannock. Eastern Shoshone. Northern Arapaho. Crow. Assiniboine. Sioux. Gros Ventre. Nez Perce.

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