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Park County

A small part of the Blackrock District’s 585,000-acre Teton Wilderness is in Park County.

Park County

To do in the BTNF in the Teton Wilderness in Park County:

In the Teton Wilderness, the Thorofare region, which is just south of the forest’s border with Yellowstone National Park, is home to the most remote place in the Lower 48 states in terms of distance from a road. Access to the Thorofare from the BTNF is from Turpin Meadow Trailhead (the North Fork Buffalo Trail) and from the Shoshone NF via the South Fork Shoshone. The latter gives you the choice of going over either Ishawooa Pass or Deer Creek Pass.

The Teton Wilderness is Wild



Of wolves, wolverines, grizzly, and lynx have been exterminated from their natural habitat; but all four species live in the Thorofare region that spans Yellowstone National Park and the BTNF's Teton Wilderness.


Grizzly Bears

Lived in North America in the early 1800s.


Grizzly Bears

Live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem today; the Teton Wilderness and Thorofare region are among the bear-iest in the GYE.

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