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Recreate Responsibly

Snowmobiling? Backcountry skiing? Hiking? Hunting? However you plan on using the BTNF, our activity-specific field guides can help you #recreateresponsibly.

To Recreate Responsibly is to:

Know Before You Go—Know what reservations and permits are required; check the conditions—road, weather, avalanche, fire, availability; have appropriate gear, including extra clothing and maps; and know your limits.

Tread Lightly By Leaving No Trace—The seven Leave No Trace principles for responsible recreation include packing out all trash and toilet paper, preventing the spread of invasive weeds and aquatic species, and using motor vehicles only on designated routes (when not muddy).

Prevent Wildfires—The best way to prevent a wildfire is to not build a camp fire. If you do want to have a campfire, first check the local fire danger to see if campfires are allowed. If they are, only build a campfire in a designated fire ring. Never leave your fire unattended, and make sure that it is completely extinguished—drown it with water, stir, feel for heat, and then repeat until it is cold to the touch.

Respect Wildlife—Give wildlife space—at least 100 yards for bears and wolves and 25 yards for moose and other animals; properly store all attractants; carry bear spray and know how to use it; and comply with seasonal closures that protect wildlife habitat. And never, ever feed wildlife. Not even the cute chipmunk at the trailhead.

Be Kind—Educate yourself on and follow proper trail etiquette, including knowing when to yield on trails and when you have the right-of-way; practice patience towards other users; be friendly and courteous when you do interact; avoid excessive noise; and leash your pet in crowded areas.

Make It Better—Strive to leave the BTNF better than you found it. We all have a responsibility to sustain the places we love. Volunteer, donate, and advocate for the outdoors.


We acknowledge with respect that our facilities are situated on the aboriginal land of the Shoshone Bannock. Eastern Shoshone. Northern Arapaho. Crow. Assiniboine. Sioux. Gros Ventre. Nez Perce.

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