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Sport shooting and hunting are welcomed on the BTNF.



The Wyoming Department of Game & Fish manages hunting and fishing opportunities across the state, including on the BTNF, where you can hunt for deer, elk, moose, antelope, big horn sheep, and mountain goats, as well as game bird species such as spotted, blue, and ruffed grouse. Apply for permits, learn about state hunting laws, and get more information on the WY Game & Fish website.

Because the BTNF is home to grizzly and black bears, hunters need to be bear aware and  take extra precautions as seen in this Forest Servicevideo.

4 Things BTNF Pinedale District recreation management specialist Alex McLean always takes with him when hunting (beyond the gear needed for hunting):

  1. Bear spray
  2. 2 liters of water. “I carry a lot of water so I can make it to my destination without stopping to pump water,” he says.
  3. A water pump for filtering drinking water.
  4. A backup pair of wool socks. “Just in case my feet get wet,” Alex says. “Cold feet are usually the worst part of a hunting trip.”

Sport Shooting

Sport shooting is allowed on the BTNF, including in its three designated Wilderness areas. State and federal laws about weapons apply and BTNF rules state that, when shooting, you cannot discharge a weapon within 150 yards of any structure/development or occupied area, within or into a cave, across or on a road or body of water, or in any manner that endangers a person; also prohibited are any tracer or incendiary ammunition.

Please ensure that your shooting does not damage any facilities or natural resources, disrupt other uses, or endanger public safety, and ensure you remove any targets, wads, shells, brass, and other refuse with you when you leave. Clay pigeons are allowed, but the debris and remnants from shattered shells must be removed. Shooting paintball guns on the BTNF is not allowed.

We acknowledge with respect that our facilities are situated on the aboriginal land of the Shoshone Bannock. Eastern Shoshone. Northern Arapaho. Crow. Assiniboine. Sioux. Gros Ventre. Nez Perce.

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