potential projects


Wyoming Range National Recreation Trail

Sign, maintain and promote the 75-mile long nationally-designated recreation trail following the crest of the Wyoming Range. https://www.backpacker.com/trips/get-lost-on-wyomings-edge


Bridger-Teton Portal Signs

Update portal signs at major Forest entrances to strengthen the identity and public awareness of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Several critical portal signs have not been updated since the Bridger and Teton Forests merged over 45 years ago, adding to the BT’s ‘identity’ problem.


Frontcountry Ambassadors

Recruit front country volunteer ambassadors in high use dispersed camping areas to teach Leave-No-Trace, Firewise and BearAware principles.


Big Sandy Trailhead

Improve parking and wilderness education opportunities at the Big Sandy Trailhead. This popular portal to the Bridger Wilderness can see over 200 vehicles at the height of the season but only provides 60 parking spaces.


Trail Maintenance

Coordinate a dollar-for-trails program with local businesses to help the BTNF and their partners address deferred trail maintenance needs. There are over 3,000 miles of system trails on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and only 18% of trails currently meet system standards. A Trails Subcommittee comprised or geographically and recreationally diverse representatives would identify priority trails projects.


Road Improvement Projects

Support high priority road improvement projects that would benefit access for multiple user groups and improve watershed health. The road to Goodwin Lake is a prime candidate for a collaborative project.


Cache Ck Winter Access

Fund plowing for the 1/2 mile of FS road to the popular groomed Cache Ck Trailhead access.


Diversifying Public Land Supporters

Engage underserved communities with a focus on career pathways.


Inspire Stewardship

Coordinate and highlight volunteer efforts between our many partners across the Forest and host partner and volunteer recognition events to inspire sustained stewardship efforts. See our events calendar for more.


Restore Guard Stations

Restore habitable guard stations to benefit our volunteers, ambassadors and partners. Friends of the BT is currently engaged in discussions regarding restoration of the Monument Ridge Lookout Tower


Big Springs Overlook


Bear River Restoration Project

Access and interpretive site at the Bear River Restoration Project to highlight Bonneville cutthroat restoration project