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Help us meet our goal of Fifty Founding Members to launch the Friends group in 2019. The first fifty (50) individuals to donate $1,000 or more to help launch the Friends of the Bridger-Teton will be officially recognized as our original Founding Members.

Write your name on a bridge that lasts and Build something bigger.

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Gannett Peak


Elevation 13,809
Wind River Mountains


DoubleTop Peak


Elevation 11,719
Gros Ventre Mountains


wyoming peak


Elevation 11,383
Wyoming Range


breccia Peak


Elevation 11,007
Absaroka Mountains


mt. fitzpatrick


Elevation 10,907
Salt River Range

1 (10).jpg

mt. leidy


Elevation 10,326
Leidy Highlands


Select peak photos courtesy of Thomas Turiano, Select Peaks Publishing